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Need a Landscaping service? The Norwalk Landscapers provides any landscaping services to residents of Bridgeport. You can find our head office in Norwalk and we often offer same-day visits for homeowners in Bridgeport CT! Our company loves Bridgeport, and we grew up here in Connecticut and want nothing but the best for our customers and the local communities all around Connecticut.

We expect that all of our landscaping experts can complete any landscaping job promptly. Our trained and experienced service crew will come to your home or business. That’s our promise to you! Our services include landscaping, snow plowing, property maintenance, spring clean up, landscape design & installation, irrigation installation & repairs, and tree pruning and trimming.

Have any landscaping jobs needed from your home in Bridgeport? Our landscaping experts are here to assist you! We have the experience and the knowledge to make sure that the entire process goes smoothly. On top of that, we are also equipped with the right tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Here is the variety of landscaping related services we offer for residential and commercial areas in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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Our Landscaping Services in Bridgeport, CT

Bed Maintenance

You never know how much time and effort goes into caring for your plants. We'll take a look at the condition of yours, make sure they're getting enough sun exposure to thrive in this climate - all while making certain you don't have any pesky weeds trying their best not just hide but also spread further through other parts within close reach! Beds need plenty love as well- if neglected over long periods then landscapes can suffer significantly because even tiny errors become amplified together across such large areas. But rest assured, our experienced groundskeepers will keep tabs on everything for you!


The town of Bridgeport is a great place to live if you have an amazing scenery in your back and front yard. The more greens you have, the better! Poor pruning and perfect bushes are easily recognizable. The usual culprit for messy homes in Bridgeport is a total absence of trees and bushes being properly maintained by an experienced gardener with the skills necessary for proper upkeep.


Mulching is the process of spreading different materials on the surface to protect the roots of plants from heat or cold, to keep soil moist, and to control weeds in your yard. Mulch doesn't simply stop at putting down; rather our ground crew goes into much greater detail looking at everything from how many trees are around, if there's any rocks that might be found within viewing distance, and we also take into account your landscape, lighting, and outdoor colors before determining which perfect kind will work best!

Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining is an important job, and you need the right team to take care of it. They should be dependable, efficient and reliable so you don't have any worries about your yard being neglected or over-maintained - which would make for an unhappy homeowner! We know what we're doing when comes time come looking out after any property in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Our friendly maintenance crew will do everything in their power not only maintain but also increase its value by providing quality gardening services around Bridgeport.


Need some help planting trees? We are more than happy to provide expert services for all your landscaping needs. Whether you want us installers large or small, our team has the skill set that will be perfect! Not also do we plant trees, but we are also experienced in making sure that the tree goes well with your landscape design and property. And don't forget about flowers too - they're always great add-ons when planted strategically around homes like yours in Bridgeport Connecticut.

Snow Plowing

In the winter we put on our jackets and prepare for plowing snow. We do this because it's important to ensure you can drive up your driveway when needed, even if there are storms coming! Our team only takes a limited number of clients so that we're able make sure everything gets taken care of in time.

Landscape Design & Installation

When you need a professional, experienced team of landscaping designers to transform your property with lush green spaces and stunning features – turn towards the top-rated landscaping company in Bridgeport. Our experts will provide reliable information throughout our design service so that every step leads toward what has been imagined for years on end: an incredible landscape installation tailored just right for your home.

Irrigation Installation & Repairs

Watering your lawn is important for the health and beauty of it. You can be sure that if you work with our team, we will provide solutions to keep water flowing through every inch as needed so no plants go dry! We offer various irrigation systems depending on what type or size property you have; from small pumps, all the way up to large scale projects requiring multiple water sources and pumps. Don't worry, because we have the experience and the perfect solution for any sized property in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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